This is How to Build A Record Player Stand

Many people do not really bother with their CDs storage because they can store the soft file in iPod or PC. However, there is nothing, which can replace the incredible vinyl records. In fact, they are more demanded now because of the beauty essence and esthetic. That’s why these collectibles deserve to have better place to store and display. Depending on your personal preferences, you may want your collections to be displayed in most beautiful and classy way.


To build such a record player stand, you must seek for vintage-inspired design with simple and modern structure. You may want to check urban outfitters site to see the inspirations about vinyl record storage shelf. The specific storage is purposely designed for medium-sized space. So if you want to store your collections in your small or medium apartment, you can use the bottom rack and two flat shelves. And don’t forget to decide the finish colors. You may want to think vintage colors like cream, chrome, or purple. But once again, you can use your own preferences.


If you want to put the collections in the corner, then you can think about Corner store rack. Depending on the number of your records, you can make various shelves, which are perfect for storing your vinyl records. In small or medium space, folks tend to use three spacious shelves. Well, this concludes everything. Three spacious shelves are what you need to put around 2 or 3 dozens of collections.


If you are not really up to classic, but want to mix between the modern and retro design, Half Cube is something that you need. The Half cube vinyl rack is the decent record player stand. It is not the coolest in the market, but it gives you everything. It does look cool and for the price under $200, it is the winner of its class.


Then we go to IKea with its Mid-century modern vinyl media storage. This is the incredible option if you want to place your record player closer with your vinyl records. In fact, you can place both of them in the same place. The Best shelf from Ikea is the name of the record player stand. To build Best shelf from ikea, you don’t have to be a PhD to do this. You can find the manual on Ikea hackers. And within minutes, you can assemble the mid-century modern vinyl media storage.


And this is how to build a record player stand without hassle and fuss. Have a nice try.